Two international dog shows in beautiful scenery of winter Vilnius where Być Może GZYGZAK has finished Interchampion title!!
Gratulacje Krzysiek :)

International dog show in Kielce, great danes were judges by german judge, the president of KyDD and great dane "vom Hause Wagner" breeder.
Junior class was won by Być Może HANTONI getting Junior Winner title, and his sister HATAKUMBA has won intermediate class and got CWC. Champion class was won by GZYGZAK and with this win he has fullfilled the GRAND CHAMPION OF POLAND title!!

Być Może HATAKUMBA - Junior Winner, Best junior and as of today Junior Champion of Poland !!
Thank you Klaudia for photos :)

Męskie Granie 2018 - final show in Żywiec.
Melka (Być Może FAUNA) on a telebim during concert of Daria Zawiałow :)

Great Dane Club in Poland has published the results of Show Ranking for year 2017

Junior Females Black
1. Być Może GULDYNKA owner: Beata Kucharczyk, 660 pt, Best Young Great Dane Black 2017

Adult Males Harlequin
1. Być Może GZYGZAK owner: Krzysztof Sawicki, 714 pt Best Great Dane Harlequin 2017

Junior Males Harlequin
1. Być Może GZYGZAK owner: Krzysztof Sawicki, 798 pt Best Young Great Dane Harlequin 2017
2. Być Może GUJEK owner: Beata Kucharczyk, 663 pt

First birthday of litter H :)

Soon in German Kennel „vom Hause Rawert” will be born another puppies after Gabrys!

More info on kennels website:

In Konopiska was held International Dog Show, and even with high temperatures we managed to finish Champion of Poland title :-)
GULDYNKA received CWC, CACIB and BOS :-) Judge Elżbieta Chwalibóg

On photo: BOB - BALTAZZAR Margarejro and BOS - Być Może GULDYNKA

Get out of the way, danes are coming ;) Bunia and Legia at Black Lake.

For adoption!

PLUTO is still waitting for his forever home, more info on fb:

On International Dog Show in ŁódźByć Może HATAKUMBA got Junior Winner and Best Junior.
Judge Ivo Ingraffia from Italy.
Ola, thank you for handling :-)

Today Bunia turned 9 months, so first show in junior class and my personal handling :-)
We were judged by Lidia Pastuszak and she gave us Junior Winner and Best Junior :-)

Thank you Asia for company during the trip, and Ewa dor cooperation with photos

In German kennel „von ADAMANTIUM„ were born first puppies after Gabrys.

More info on kennels website

This danes are waiting for their humans... All interested in adoption - please contact Stowarzyszeni Dogi-Adopcje (phone: 604-49-29-79)

Today we are celebrating 9th birthday of Dumka!!
Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!

Show debut of our youngest one was held during the International Dog Show in Nadarzyn. HATAKUMBA received "very promissing" nore and Best Puppy in Breed title - judge was Miroslav Vaclavik from Czech Republic.

On National Dog Show in Piaseczno Gujek has finished his Champion of Poland title, and his sister Guldynka was honoured with Best of Breed title!!

Zuzka has left...

In 2009 I made photo of three generations of our danes, Dumka was back then 4 months old, and next to her was sitting her mother Italiana and founder of our kennel - Ala.

Next generation - Dumka (almost 9 years old), Fastryga (almost 4 years old), Hatakumba (5 months old). My favourite pictures!

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