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   I was no more than nine or ten when I saw the Great Dane living with its owners in the neighbourhood. It was a beautiful female Great Dane BETA Zamkowy Trakt. I was allowed to spend some time with her. Taking her for a walk, running with her in the park, playing with her puppies or watching medals she brought from the exhibitions made me really proud and happy. It was the begining of my love for these dogs and the begining of a desire to own such a dog. Some years passed ... I got married, gave birth to my daughter Ola and the only thing I needed to be completely happy was a dog. BUKAFRANCO Fidenes z Figoraju. Some years went by... The death of my dogs came unexpectadly... I was broken down. "No more dogs" I promised myself. Now I know..."never say never"...

My child was brought up with dogs. (When we bought BUKA Ola was one year and a half). She could not imagine life without the Great Dane. It was her idea to buy another dog and so AL-KAHIRA Thidalium appeared in our home. (Thank you Monika. But for your call we would not have ALA). Some monthes passed I was still lacking for something... I phoned the owner of Margarejro FCI Kennel. After some talks - decision: We took another female Great Dane. PAPRIKA Margarejro FCI, called FRANIA has been with us since the second part of January 2003. FRANIA was bought according to "the breeding rules" and for the time being she has two owners: Agnieszka Sroczyńska and me. (Thank you Agnieszka for your help and patience). The dream of my childhood came true. Will another one about the house full of the Great Danes (in all possible colours) come true? Time will show... I hope in time there will be many pictures of the Great Danes posted on my page.

Time is generous for us :) We have another girl! Her name is STEFANKA. She is fawn and was born in z Kuźni Napoleońskiej kennel. Our house once again is joyful :)

As you see we have a new Dane :) I am madly in love with her! Her name is A'LA ITALIANA and she is a daughter of Alka :) It is a first child from our kennel. Beata Kucharczyk

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